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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2010|01:01 am]
Going to church doesn't make one a Christian; being in church doesn't make one holy. There are churches where Jesus wouldn't even step in. Those who think they don't make it to heaven may be surprised. Those who thought otherwise might be shocked. So the golden rule is : Be honest. Be real. Be humble. GOD looks at ...the heart of real, honest people who seek The Truth.
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2010|12:55 am]
serving GOD isn't just doing/completing it like a job. it is loving & taking care the "sheep" involved, those who serve w/you & those you serve.. in any mistake & failure, first - mend the wrongs esp restore the people that has been hurt - this is priority importance. we are most accountable to GOD for HIS people HE entrust us to serve and take care. This failed, all failed
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2010|12:54 am]
One can have all the gifts and calling of God. But once love is gone, whatever we do even in diligence and determination is of no value to God and men.
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Excited & Looking Forward To Meet Prophetess Janet [May. 24th, 2010|03:21 pm]
I have been waiting and longing for some time and i'm so thankful to GOD for a session
with her, Prophetess Janet Buchanan, tomoro.

10yrs ago year 2000 was the first time i met her. That has brought so much healing and restoration to my life. It was through her ministry, i really tasted and understood the grace and mercy of GOD. In 2001, i met her again. Both years i received a prophecy each
She didn't recognise me nor remembered my name. Yet, the prophecies were almost identical. And most of all, she was accurate!! You know for sure, she is Spirit-led and all she shared is truly from The LORD. All the things she said GOD will do through my life, the ministries GOD has called me, in those prophecies, almost all have come through in my life... except for 1 or 2, and i believe the time is not up for those, and GOD is still working on it.

I love this prophet. To me, she was one of the few impressive and real ones i've met. She is a no-nonsense, don't play with religion kind of woman. She is definitely no man pleaser, only GOD pleaser. She won't say the things you wanna hear, but she will say truthfully things GOD wants you to hear. What a vessel of honor she is.

She always insist on preaching before prophetic ministry. And her messages is always centralised on loving GOD, loving people. And she'll always emphasize this before she goes into prophetic ministry : If you are not serious about (your relationship with) GOD, don't come to me for prophecy. She doesn't just prophecy, if The LORD shows her areas in your life that needs healing or deliverance, she will minister through it too. a session with her can be 15 mins to 1/2hr or more. She doesn't rush in ministry.

I'm excited what The LORD is going to speak through her to me. I believe many things The LORD has spoken will be confirmed (that's the ministry of new modern day prophets). And what HE has in store for me for the next phase of my life. Praise The LORD!
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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO LOVING DADDY-GOD! [Jun. 4th, 2009|02:20 am]
Dearest DADDY-GOD,


"You're the FATHER to the fatherless".

Even though i don't have a definite answer about who my real father on earth is, it doesn't matter at all to me now.

As a child, i used to grow up having many questions about
my earthly father and with all the struggles. All the upsetting times i went through, DADDY-GOD, YOU have been so great to be there and reminded me, comforted me that YOU are my FATHER & YOU are with me! And in my spirit, i have always known & felt YOUR love & presence as my FATHER.

Even people around me who knows my confusing upbringing and that lack of father identity from young are amazed there is no smoke or smell of a fatherless identity in my life!

That is because YOU're the BEST FATHER ever!
YOU are more ReaL than earthly Fathers!
And i'm so satisfied and greatful for YOUR Lavish Love has always been!

Thankyou, DADDY-GOD, for everything, e
specially for
giving me JESUS!

i Love & Worship You, DADDY-GOD!
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My moment with my favorite singer George Lam 林子祥 [Jan. 17th, 2009|04:13 am]
This is such a surprise blessing from the LORD! An experience of a life-time i'll never forget. I really thank the LORD for this.

i have been a fan of 林子祥 George Lam, buying his CDs, DVDs, attending his concerts. There was once he hosted a show with Diana Ser at TCS and i tried my best to get a pass to watch his show.

The last time i attended George Lam's concert performance was about 10years ago at Harbour Pavilion. At that concert, Ah Lam said the audience was rather quiet. So i started to respond and had a few exchanges with him. From stage to floor... Finally, he was happy & sent a tennis ball which he autographed towards me & i caught it. i still kept that tennis ball, the only one i never used! This time he also sent out tennis balls to the audience. Ah Lam sent one towards my direction, it hit my thumb but slipped elsewhere! And another time also landed somewhere near me but someone took it! So i wasn't so lucky this time with the tennis balls. My friend, Susan, asked me not to be so greedy since i had one the last time and a gift from Ah Lam this time. But you know, when you collected the first one @the first concert, you'll want to collect a series of them for every concert.

i'll never forget Ah Lam's wonderful 2-3hr performance belting out his wonderful songs non-stop, full of power & energy & the Lam's flavour that no one could copy! i was waiting & waiting for his return.
When i heard he was performing with an orchestra, i got even more excited! So this concert has been a long wait for me!!

Ah Lam performed at the Max Pavilion. i got the $148/- seat. It was in the centre 15 rows away from the stage. i went with my friend, Susan.

And this time the performance was just as great! Ah Lam is really amazing! At his age of 60+, he has such amazing energy and power! i really enjoyed every song he sang. i love the different feel he presented from the CD version & other of his live concerts.. i wanted to stand but no one was standing. but as he was presenting his very upbeat songs, i really couldn't be seated anymore!! i
stood & swayed throughout!

I was very happy when Lam sang all the songs i wished he would perform at the concert like "When a Man Loves a Woman", 在水中央,分分钟需要你,友爱长存, 最爱是谁, and more。。

i heard some fans complaining why he didn't sing this or that... come on la, 30yrs of many great numbers, it will take a long night if he sang all!

Somewhere during the show, he explained Sally's absence and said he wanted someone to do a duet with him on "选择“. No one responded. i really wanted to sing with Ah Lam! When will such opportunity come by?? But i just don't know how i actually got the guts to raise my hands, and ran up to the front. And soon i was on stage. i told myself to enjoy this moment, singing with my favorite singer/musician. I can't believe it! It's not karaoke! It's 'live'. With the original singer & composer of the song and his orchestra! Really thankful for the kind audience who applaused at the middle of the song. i thought it was a fun segment of the program and i just need to sing half the song. But Ah Lam said, the next and we sang on the whole song! At the end of the song, Ah Lam gave me a reward of a "teddy bear" with his signature. i joked w/Lam that from the tennis ball to this teddy bear was about 10yrs. Hope he will not make us wait for 10yrs for his return to Singapore next time.

It's really a memorable experience for me! Think i'll dream and hope that next time he comes, i'll have the chance to sing "爱到分离仍是爱" or “天长地久" with him again. Haha.
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2007|12:29 pm]
i'm so glad i have completed my plan to complete reading the bible once through this year today. the plan i followed was a 50-week plan. i really like this reading plan. it was divided into week portions rather than daily portions. by the end of each week, i even have time to go through again what i read, and to reflect on the thoughts i had. and it covers different readings every week. Really thank the LORD for letting me experience this Bible Reading plan.

i'm glad to meet up with Verne after such a long time. it was a great time of sharing with her. such meeting up - it must be the LORD, putting us at the right place and time. i met her at the junction outside Sun Plaza while going home. We walked to my place, had dinner together. All throughout there was so much to share and i'm so glad to know all is well with her.
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2007|10:29 pm]
The steps of a righteous (justified in Christ) man are really ordered by the LORD. We can plan and plan, but HE can change the plans. When we are abiding in HIM, HE will lead us to what HE wants us to do and it's always beautiful. Time and time again, the LORD has shown this in my life. It is not difficult to follow HIM. HIS yoke is truly easy and HIS burden is light. HE always leads us gently yet surely.
Really praise and thank the LORD!

Friday 9/11 was my offday. In the afternoon, i went to visit Shane at his father's wake. It was a surprise for me to find out that i've met his mother before. And it was five months ago, at the same place, where Ian's wake was. His mother and Ian's mother are from the same church and cell group. i thank the LORD for the time of sharing with Shane. i was
so encouraged and blessed by his faith and love for the LORD!
my evening plan was the usual visit for ministry at CDC every Friday. however the Spirit prompted me to visit at Shane's father's wake again. so i went. later i had such a great time of fellowship and sharing with Shane's mother. And i know that it was what the LORD wanted me to do and HE is pleased with that.

Today, i had planned to attend the funeral service, but the Spirit prompted me to change my plans and go for ministry at CDC. When i was there, i planned to just visit one ward and return to help in pasting the stickers for the flowers for sale on World Aids Day. after the first ward visit, some sharing with 2 patients and a massage done, i just sensed the
Spirit telling me to continue and go to the next Ward 76. i went there with Chee Meng. At our first stop, during the visit, Chee Meng suggested we pray for the patient. i asked the patient if he wants us to pray for him, he said yes. After the prayer, i sensed his heart was opened to the LORD and the Spirit led me to ask him if he wanted to accept JESUS. it has been weeks i have been visiting this same patient but i didn't have such leading before. most of the time when i see him, i just talked with him, encouraged him, hold his hand as comfort, and pray with him with his consent. Anyway, i was so glad when he agrees and say yes to accepting JESUS in his heart. As his condition didn't allow him to talk much, i told him this, you just agree with me and say "Amen" whenever you believe and agree. And he did.
I'm so glad he is saved and to see the joy on his face. Knowing that he has received JESUS in his life gives me so much comfort and joy - really made my day!

Sometimes, somethings that seem logically right to do with men, may not be what the Spirit wants at that time for HE has better plans. i just wanna testify of HIS goodness - the way HE directed my paths, how HE led me to follow HIM in the changes, to do the right thing at the right time. Bless the LORD & Praise HIM!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2007|10:03 am]
i was in a cab when one of my most favorite childhood songs was played. i thank GOD for the way HE opened my heart to HIM thru this song, when i was then just a toddler.

JESUS loves the little children
aLL the children of the world
red and yellow, black and white,
aLL are precious in HIS sight
JESUS loves the little children of the world.

Everything is beautiful in its own way...
Everybody's beautiful in their own way Under GOD's heaven...

We are all little children in HIS sight no matter how outgrown we are.

the only ONE who has the right to judge is our LORD, GOD aLmighty. If we judge (condemn) others, in the same way we will be measured.

The core of our faith is to LOVE, serve each other sincerely, be united (and also irregardless of Church denomination), for GOD is love. And love means acceptance - even when we cannont agree! Embrace each other with love and humility! Love each other as we would love ourselves! And remember that we are all part of each other as ONE body of CHRIST! Let's build each other!

For whatever we do - no matter how holy, righteous and justice we think we have been - if love is not there - it comes to ZERO!!!

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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2007|10:33 pm]
Yesterday i had a dream i will never forget...
i dreamt of Mummy! the dream was so vivid and real!!

since she has gone home to be with the LORD in 1994, i don't dream of her very often, and even when i did, it was always about things we normally did together in the past. and when i got out of the dream and woke up, i don't remember the details, nor dwell in it.

in the dream, someone said he will take me to see my mother, who was working in an island. i was taken in a boat. when i reached that place, i was waiting at the front of a gigantic building while that person went to call for Mummy. the minute she came and i saw her, i was so thrilled and exclaimed in Cantonese, "Mummy, how come you look so young!" i never saw her like that before. She gave birth to me when she was 50, but in the dream, she looked as if she was in her late 20's or 30's. She is perfectly beautiful! she looks ageless and perfect shape and she looked so healthy! She looked so steady! it's amazing i could recognise her instantly even i never saw her that way.

she smiled happily and called my name, i ran to her and we hugged. then i realised that her "skin" was so clear! so clear like glass i don't know if it's really skin or not. i even said to her "how come your skin looks so clear like glass!" she laughed! she told me she's very happy. we talked a little while. i felt her deep love for me, so full of love. but in the same instance, i just know it isn't a mother and daughter relationship anymore. it's so hard to explain. you just know it instantly. but i wasn't sad about that too cos the love between us is so strongly felt.

then i awoke and i cried. i really missed her.
it then dawned on me the dream i had, is what i will get to see her again when i am in heaven! it was such an awesome revelation!

when we meet our loved ones in heaven, in an instant, we will recognise them even when they look different as they become and look so perfect. my mother died at age 76 and had cancer.
but in the dream she looked so young, healthy and beautiful and have crystal clear appearance. i actually saw her in an incorruptible, brand new body - the body we will all have when we return to the LORD too! what an awesome, awesome revelation!!! i believe and know our bodies will become perfect but my, i get to see a glimpse of what it's really like!! and in heaven there is no more sorrow and love is perfected. my mother is so full of love and joy and total happiness. all our relationship with our loved ones cease on earth. but even so, there is no sadness about this, because the love is so perfect. again, what an awesome revelation to have!!! and in heaven there isn't mystery lor. in an instant you just know without a doubt somethings...

and i asked the LORD why i had this dream. then the LORD reminded me of what happened just 2 or 3 days before this dream. i was having my shower and i just thought of my mother. so i said to the LORD. "LORD, i really missed my mother. please let her know i missed her and i am sorry
that i didn't have the chance to give her a better life than i wanted to." i believe that such soul ties with the dead are not healthy so i consciously tell myself i must not dwell in these thoughts. so i actually forgot the incident. but the LORD didn't forget.

Really thank the LORD for such an awesome dream! And when i shared it with my siblings, it's a comfort for them, too. Praise the LORD!
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