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My moment with my favorite singer George Lam 林子祥 [Jan. 17th, 2009|04:13 am]
This is such a surprise blessing from the LORD! An experience of a life-time i'll never forget. I really thank the LORD for this.

i have been a fan of 林子祥 George Lam, buying his CDs, DVDs, attending his concerts. There was once he hosted a show with Diana Ser at TCS and i tried my best to get a pass to watch his show.

The last time i attended George Lam's concert performance was about 10years ago at Harbour Pavilion. At that concert, Ah Lam said the audience was rather quiet. So i started to respond and had a few exchanges with him. From stage to floor... Finally, he was happy & sent a tennis ball which he autographed towards me & i caught it. i still kept that tennis ball, the only one i never used! This time he also sent out tennis balls to the audience. Ah Lam sent one towards my direction, it hit my thumb but slipped elsewhere! And another time also landed somewhere near me but someone took it! So i wasn't so lucky this time with the tennis balls. My friend, Susan, asked me not to be so greedy since i had one the last time and a gift from Ah Lam this time. But you know, when you collected the first one @the first concert, you'll want to collect a series of them for every concert.

i'll never forget Ah Lam's wonderful 2-3hr performance belting out his wonderful songs non-stop, full of power & energy & the Lam's flavour that no one could copy! i was waiting & waiting for his return.
When i heard he was performing with an orchestra, i got even more excited! So this concert has been a long wait for me!!

Ah Lam performed at the Max Pavilion. i got the $148/- seat. It was in the centre 15 rows away from the stage. i went with my friend, Susan.

And this time the performance was just as great! Ah Lam is really amazing! At his age of 60+, he has such amazing energy and power! i really enjoyed every song he sang. i love the different feel he presented from the CD version & other of his live concerts.. i wanted to stand but no one was standing. but as he was presenting his very upbeat songs, i really couldn't be seated anymore!! i
stood & swayed throughout!

I was very happy when Lam sang all the songs i wished he would perform at the concert like "When a Man Loves a Woman", 在水中央,分分钟需要你,友爱长存, 最爱是谁, and more。。

i heard some fans complaining why he didn't sing this or that... come on la, 30yrs of many great numbers, it will take a long night if he sang all!

Somewhere during the show, he explained Sally's absence and said he wanted someone to do a duet with him on "选择“. No one responded. i really wanted to sing with Ah Lam! When will such opportunity come by?? But i just don't know how i actually got the guts to raise my hands, and ran up to the front. And soon i was on stage. i told myself to enjoy this moment, singing with my favorite singer/musician. I can't believe it! It's not karaoke! It's 'live'. With the original singer & composer of the song and his orchestra! Really thankful for the kind audience who applaused at the middle of the song. i thought it was a fun segment of the program and i just need to sing half the song. But Ah Lam said, the next and we sang on the whole song! At the end of the song, Ah Lam gave me a reward of a "teddy bear" with his signature. i joked w/Lam that from the tennis ball to this teddy bear was about 10yrs. Hope he will not make us wait for 10yrs for his return to Singapore next time.

It's really a memorable experience for me! Think i'll dream and hope that next time he comes, i'll have the chance to sing "爱到分离仍是爱" or “天长地久" with him again. Haha.

[User Picture]From: orangerobots
2009-01-18 04:11 pm (UTC)
What a great experience!! I can only dream of the day I can sing together with my favourite musicians, haha. They don't even hold concerts here ;__;
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