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Excited & Looking Forward To Meet Prophetess Janet [May. 24th, 2010|03:21 pm]
I have been waiting and longing for some time and i'm so thankful to GOD for a session
with her, Prophetess Janet Buchanan, tomoro.

10yrs ago year 2000 was the first time i met her. That has brought so much healing and restoration to my life. It was through her ministry, i really tasted and understood the grace and mercy of GOD. In 2001, i met her again. Both years i received a prophecy each
She didn't recognise me nor remembered my name. Yet, the prophecies were almost identical. And most of all, she was accurate!! You know for sure, she is Spirit-led and all she shared is truly from The LORD. All the things she said GOD will do through my life, the ministries GOD has called me, in those prophecies, almost all have come through in my life... except for 1 or 2, and i believe the time is not up for those, and GOD is still working on it.

I love this prophet. To me, she was one of the few impressive and real ones i've met. She is a no-nonsense, don't play with religion kind of woman. She is definitely no man pleaser, only GOD pleaser. She won't say the things you wanna hear, but she will say truthfully things GOD wants you to hear. What a vessel of honor she is.

She always insist on preaching before prophetic ministry. And her messages is always centralised on loving GOD, loving people. And she'll always emphasize this before she goes into prophetic ministry : If you are not serious about (your relationship with) GOD, don't come to me for prophecy. She doesn't just prophecy, if The LORD shows her areas in your life that needs healing or deliverance, she will minister through it too. a session with her can be 15 mins to 1/2hr or more. She doesn't rush in ministry.

I'm excited what The LORD is going to speak through her to me. I believe many things The LORD has spoken will be confirmed (that's the ministry of new modern day prophets). And what HE has in store for me for the next phase of my life. Praise The LORD!

From: (Anonymous)
2010-08-23 12:38 am (UTC)


God's name be praise!!
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-02-02 09:05 am (UTC)
Magdalene here, from Malaysia, i met prophetess Janet Buchanan once before back in Nov 2010, ya, she is a woman of God. The things she said is so accurate..I wish to see her again but do u know when n how can we see her again? And can i ask u sth else, i feel like i have been cut off from the relationship with God, i even scared that i hv lost the Holy Spirit, i struggle with sin in my life also.. i really scared that i can never come back to God again...i do not want to end up in hell, i was born again back in May 2009.. n now i hv fallen..how, i really need help.. but i jz dunno how...n i truely know that Jesus is coming back very very soon.. i saw Jesus in the church June 2010, and He revealed that to me personnally..
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-02-22 07:41 am (UTC)

Prophetess J. Beauchanan

My name is Mary from Kenya. I have had the honor of being ministered to by Janet once in church and once in my very own house! Last year in April 2010 Prophetess Buchanan graced my home with her presence. She had prophesied to me earlier in the year 2007 and I was shocked that the prophesies she gave me in 2010 were very very identical to the ones of 2007!! I usually write down when a man or woman of God prophesy over my life, so I went back to my note book and yes! very identical others exactly the same! This time I had my husband take a video of the woman of God prophesying over me and my entire household! My prophesy lasted at least 1 1/2 hrs!! she will not let go until God is done telling you HIS mind concerning you! I was delivered, I was refreshed, some of the prophesies have come to pass and others are yet to pass in God's time. She is an extremely humble woman who lives her life for God and God alone! I really admire her lifestyle! she is truly a woman of God, its amazing how God sings some little love songs to us. Both times she said I was singing this song ROCK OF AGES CLEFT FOR ME! She told me that people would receive healing and deliverance through my songs, and yes praise God, I have just released my first album on Dec the 18th 2010, and the response is over whelming. I thank God for using her to make known the purpose of God in my life. She prayed and prophesied over my children, God had alot to say even to my 4year old!!! its not normal to see men and women of God bothering so much with young children, but God has a purpose for them too!! Lets not take anything for Granted, lets live for Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!!! am glad I have the video of the live recording of Janet prophesying over me and my family. Praise be to God!! Lord I bless you for this wonderful woman you have created to be used by you for us. Janet you are a true follower of Christ! feel free to write to me for a deeper testimony! marked4blessings@gmail.com
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